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Healthcare Equity for All

William "Billy" Reid foR Delegate ON

Healthcare Equity
For All

Healthcare is a human right. I believe that every Marylander deserves high-quality, affordable healthcare and no one should die or suffer permanent harm from medical conditions that could have been prevented or treated. Access to mental health and community health services and life-saving prescription drugs must be available to everyone. As your Delegate it will fight for and support:

  • Comprehensive Health Care Services: Ensure all Maryland residents have health insurance coverage for preventive care, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, doctor visits, substance use disorder treatment, dental care, vision services, mental health services, long-term care, and reproductive health care.
  • Prescription Drug Affordability Board: Pharmaceutical companies must not be allowed to continue to price-gouge on life-saving medications. I support the newly created Prescription Drug Affordability Board tasked with protecting Marylanders and the Maryland health care system from the high costs of prescription drug products.
  • Community Health Equity Programs:  Monitor existing grant programs and push for more funding to address health disparities and needs in underserved communities and for vulnerable populations.
  • Health Equity Resources Communities: Support SB 172 and HB 463, will reduce racial disparities in health outcomes by improving access to care.
  • Health Insurance Premium Subsidies: Support SB 729 and HB 780, providing new health insurance coverage subsidies for lower-income young adults, making insurance more affordable.
  • Expand Insurance Enrollment for the Unemployed: Support SB 893 and HB 1002, connecting people who file for unemployment insurance with the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange to easily access health coverage.
  • Programs to Protect Victims of Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse: The uptick in violence against women during the COVID-19 pandemic is unacceptable. I will fight for the necessary resources that protect women experiencing domestic violence.